Thursday, October 20, 2011


New Desk

I'm a total workaholic...especially lately. One of the things that makes that lifestyle choice a bit more palatable is a kickass desk. Also, you may have noticed I haven't done an update on the floor project. I'm actually done (including baseboard repainting) but haven't had a chance to take pictures.

As a quick aside, painting baseboards the same color as the wheels does some much to streamline the appearance of a room. This is even more true in Cliff May homes where white baseboards just stick out and unnecessarily dry your eye to the lower edges of the room. Even in a plain-old tract home, this is great way to help the room "read" modern. The only pitfall, of course, is that your wall color and floor have to actually go together.

Anyhow, below is the desk. I started off with the Ikea Vika Lilleby trestles -- at $15/ea there's no way I could duplicate them. However, I was a bit disappointed their glass top selection. Not only was the glass either frosted or "circuit board" patterned, but it was only 3/8" thick and tempered. Tempered glass sounds like a great idea for a desktop, but it isn't. Tempered glass is very susceptible to bumps from the edges. Instead, I found a local glass company that made me a custom-sized piece of 1/2" non-tempered clear glass with straight edges and gently-clipped corners (so I won't poke myself). The price was reasonable and for $200 I now have a kickass desk.

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