Monday, August 14, 2006


More Paint

I caught myself telling someone a few months ago, "it's just paint -- it's easy." Boy, am I paying for those words. Its sounds so simple, too. You see some paint peeling, you scrape, you repaint, good as new, right?


Here's a note to everyone one of you out there so that you may spare the future owner of your home agonizing pain. It is far easier to just keep up with painting than to let it get to the point of "crocodiling" and peeling off. Trust me, at that point it's not very pleasant. Let's take a look at the side of my house that has only been painted 3 times in the last 52 years:



This is after some power-washing (a cool tool, btw, #3 on my list of power tools behind a chainsaw and airless paint sprayer). They say sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better. God I hope so.


It may look nice in the photo but it isn't I applied putty and did some other things to smooth out the places where paint was removed but ultimately the textures don't match and I'm not 100% satisfied. In fact, I'm maybe 59.43% satisfied. In the future, when it's this far gone I think I need a complete paint strip.

I also worked on the last remaining bit of white fence this past weekend.


Okay, I didn't really let it go that badly. This is a post-power-washing view. I'm actually surprised I didn't paint it sooner, though. This is the side of the fence that faces Red Hill Boulevard so everyone can see it.


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