Saturday, December 16, 2006


Words of Wisdom (and lots of gore!)

Sometimes words of wisdom come from the most unlikely of sources. A typical weekend pastimes for me, especially when working on the ranch, is to watch some DIY shows while I eat lunch for inpisration. There's a new show I like a lot (I'm not sure when it's on -- I just record it) called Over Your Head. Basically, they find people with some horrendous half-finished project that's been left for months in disarray and bring in a contractor helper and finish the project in 24-48hrs. I think I like the show a lot because I can relate... anyhow as they're working the host turns to the camera for a little monologue and espouses some true words of wisdom:
"Real craftmanship is when you do a good job even in the places where nobody will ever look."
By that definition, the people who owned my house before me were not even close to craftspeople. I must worn you, look on only at your own risk. These pictures are pretty gory:


It's not like the stove was ever bolted in. Would it have been that hard to ever paint behind it?

I can't believe that for the last 17 months I've been eating food stored mere inches from that mess. Also, note the dual copper spigots and drain pipe in back. this used to be the home of hte washing machine.

I cleaned most of it but just imagine the entire side of the stove covered in the grease runs. Yummy.

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