Sunday, January 18, 2009


Au Revoir, Frenchies!

Those of you familiar with my house have seen the bain of my existence on multiple occasions. I thought these would be the first thing I'd change in my house. Alas, 3.5 years later and they were still here.

A front door says a lot about a house. I think that's one of the reasons why many folks are willing to part with thousands of dollars for a door they may only walk through several times per year.

Well, the practical side of me is unwilling to spend thousands of dollars on a door I only walk through a handful of times per year. Not when there are concrete block walls, patios, and bathrooms to spend that money on. As my basic carpentry skills have improved, I've been more and more willing to try making customized things. And here's the result:

AfterIs it perfect? No, I think it's a little overscaled (but that will change with the addition of other landscape elements). I can also now say the doors are no longer the worst things in my front yard. Anyhow, here's a breakdown of the costs:

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