Friday, July 31, 2009


Fence = Finished

Excuses...I know. With summer in full swing I've been torn in many different directions. Between work, my other car:
and social obligations I've been pretty busy. I've also been feeling a little burned with house stuff. I've found in situations like these it's best to take a little break rather than force myself down the path of resentment. With that said, I'm still excited to get the courtyard space completed and usable. In the meantime, the fence is actually done and here's what it looks like on the inside:

Sunday, July 12, 2009


No pictures...

Sadly, this week, I don't have any photos...but I've got something better:


Okay, perhaps I'm overplaying the excitement a little. However, I've noticed a direct relationship between setting a schedule and things actually getting done. Like most people, I'd imagine I'm fairly deadline driven.

My overall goal is a lofty one, I want my courtyard done by Labor Day so I can actually throw a party by the time summer ends. Of course, for those of you who live in SoCal, you know that summer really extends until October -- so I'm giving myself a bit room. Here's the schedule:

This week: Paint inside of new fence (more than a trivial job when you count primer + 2 coats)

Week of July 20th: Complete trenching for new irrigation, low-voltage lining, hose bibs, sprinkler control lines.

Week of July 27th: Actually install sprinklers, timer, low-voltage wiring, and outdoor outlet.

Week of August 3rd: Build and install custom trellises

Week of August 10th: Remove old bricks and grade for new pavers. Install and compact sand.

Week of August 17th: Install new pavers and rocks

Week of August 24th: Plants and odds-n-ends

As of right now I'm about 70% complete with painting the fence.

Am considering hiring out the grading, sand placement, and compacting. Since my paver pattern is a bit artistic and unique, I definitely want to do that myself.

Also, at some point I *do* need to finish the front plantings in front of the new fence.

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