Sunday, December 19, 2010


More bathroom pics

I was able to get the drywall done and the mirror mounted. What a pain the mirror need to get the clips perfectly level but because it's a mirror, it's heavy and you need to use drywall anchors -- notorious for not going in straight.

It doesn't look too bad with the drywall patch primed....
Of course, the proof is when it's painted and...I suck at drywall. This was my first time doing any kind of mudding and it's a lot harder than it looks. For the next time around I think I'd do a much better job. I also learned some tricks along the way. For starters, the pre-mixed mud is a little thick and rubbery. It works a lot better with a small amount of water added and thinned out. Here's the result...hopefully the mirror will cover most of it:Fortunately, the mirror covers a lot of it.

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