Sunday, June 27, 2010

So I've pretty much given up TV...which has given me a lot more weekday time to do little things. None of these are really that monumental, but it's cool to work on a lot of the little details to make things perfect.

Today, I did do something cool. I really want the courtyard 100% finished. I've been struggling with an area of dirt wondering what to plant. It's really too small for a tree, and with a tree so close to the house there's always the fear that today's dream will be a nightmare 5 years from now. I was originally planning on going with a special species of Podacarpus but no one around me has it right now. I stumbled across Kangaroo's Paws in 5 gallon containers -- I didn't realize these plants got tall enough to act as a focal point -- up to 8ft.

I snapped this while I was getting new pipes. If you are wondering whether or not your house is a Cliff May prefab, this is proof-positive, should you find it in the walls (it's also in the garage walls).

This winter I've really got to think about the pool replastering / backyard remodeling project. It's the next outdoor area after the courtyard.

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