Sunday, April 04, 2010



I've actually had half the plants for a while but then nobody could get the rest. Everyone said it was too early in the season for papyrus (after I had just bought 5 of them). I also added a drip irrigation system to mitigate the water-hungry nature of the plants. I also added in some mulch to control weeds, enrich the soil, and keep everything moist:

Also, it's amazing how much a difference real, live, plant material can make. I'm hoping the papyrus will grow to around 7 or 8ft and add a feeling a seclusion. Already, the space feels so much more "human."

consider some agaves or cactus here and there... to livin up the ground spaces . we found this blue flame tip cactus that is a quite the show of subtle architectural shape- and some mexican black river rock nestled arou nd the little cactus makes it look like water pond almost...
I like the round pavers. Did you do this yourself? Please let me know how you achieved this look. I am also looking for a builder to build a mistlite fence and would appreciate any leads. Thanks so much.
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