Monday, January 11, 2010


Progress...sort of.

I'm making some progress. One thing interesting is how you evolve your process when building things. So far I've built 3 of these legs. The most recent leg is by far the best. Below is a picture of the jig I made to help line up the pieces and make my marks for the cuts.
I also gave them a quick sanding and applied two coats of weatherproofing stain. I did do a test piece but I think I forgot to shake the can because these came out a lot more orangey than I expected. I think I might get a quart of "naturaltone" to go over the "cedartone" (aka: oompaloompatone) to try and tone it down a notch. Below is a mockup of the positioning. Obviously, I need to build a second one. With the lounge chairs I should have seating for 10.

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