Saturday, November 28, 2009


Planting Time!

So my courtyard renovation is (finally) moving right along. I've got in the floor. I've got the infrastructure situated. Now I need some plants. Below is a photo of the area in question:

I've got several issues to deal with. The first is visible in the photo. The structure seen behind block wall is the roof of my neighbor's garage. I don't think I need to block it out completely, but it would be nice to tone down its prominence. The second issue is the fence on the left borders the front yard and is visible from the street so whatever I plant that pokes above the fence has to look good from the other side as well.

Right now I've got two ideas:
  1. Papyrus planted all the way around. The area stays fairly wet and I think papyrus would look great against both surfaces (dark brown fence and silver block wall). In my location I think it would get around 7 feet tall -- 1 foot higher than the fence / wall.
  2. Build a sculptural trellis (think a grid with square voids intentional left out and plants orange trumpet vines. These will grow as high as I'd like and completely fill in. They'd also add a splash of orange color.
Any thoughts?

I love Papyrus. If I lived in a wetter environment I would install it everywhere.

It is gorgeous, and would look awesome poking out over the top of the fence.
Bamboo? Many different types available.
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