Thursday, September 10, 2009


Post #100!

It's hard to believe that I've posted 100 times and the house still isn't done.

Work on the landscaping continues. I was finally able to get some horsetail planted in front of the fence. Hopefully these things will live up to their week moniker and fill in nicely.

I also decided to call in some help on the courtyard. With fall approaching and the nights getting cooler, I'm anxious to be able to use some of the outdoor space Cliff May homes are famous for. My contractor suggested I create some drawings to better illustrate what I wanted and give them a roadmap. I used Google Sketchup (of which I am a HUGE fan). In about 20 minutes I put this together. The gray areas are plantings and the sand area are compacted sand for paver placement.

Its looking great! Now its time to watch the plants grow... Landscaping would be so much more rewarding if you could fast forward two years of growth instantly.
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