Thursday, August 27, 2009


Let there be light!

I finally got around to laying some low voltage wiring and playing around with the lighting. In this era of energy conservation I don't know how anyone could condone "mock disneyland" lighting schemes. I'm thinking of focusing on function: house numbers and walkway. To get the angle right I'm actually going to have to bury the light in the grass. One thing I did was select a fixture with a 12V MR16 halogen fixture. This allows me to choose from a number of wattages and beam spreads. For example, I think I will go with the "super narrow" beam pattern to really focus the light below.

I'm just about ready to get it all smoothed out and add some landscape cloth and gravel. I'm looking around at the various places for different rock options but I like the simplicity of the ubiquitous 3/4" grey gravel. It's also very reasonably-priced. At 3" depth it's only $0.56/sq ft + delivery.

I like the light looks. And I think that is very cool that you are doing this yourself. Not too many men are capable of doing anything around their own house.
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