Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Word of the Day is Infrastructure

I don't know why, but I somehow had this notion that once the wall was done, everything would look awesome.

Well, the wall looks awesome...and everything else look like crap. I think, deep down, I've known that the courtyard was going to be a, more or less, start over type of deal. That's really got me thinking about infrastructure. Where will I need water, power (12V and 120V). Will I want lighting? Where do I put the sprinkler and lighting timers?

I really want to spend a little time designing this to allow not only what I envision today, but things I might want tomorrow. I'm trying to think of all the shortcomings of the existing courtyard space and what things I need to do to correct those shortcomings. To be quite honest, it's all bit overwhelming as the courtyard has never been anywhere close to the way I've wanted it. This is just a quick tweak, but a real rethinking.

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