Thursday, June 11, 2009


Starting to look like a wall...

Okay, maybe I'm way too excited about this, providing daily updates. BUT, I've been waiting for years for this wall. One thing I'm discovering is there are a ton of projects that I've relegated to the back burner under the guise of "not until the wall is done."

You are going to be so happy when this wall is complete! Not only because it's a project done, but because you'll then be free to start all those put-off projects. It's never-ending..but fun :)

In our first house, we made the mistake of taking down the old chain-link fence around 3 sides of our backyard without informing the neighbors. Eeek. At least they were happy with us when the final wall was in place!
I have a similar relegation list of "not 'til the fence is built".

I sense a liberating relief as the final block gets placed.

Onward, Stephen.


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