Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's Done! (almost)

At least the outside that faces the street. The frosted glass in the door is actually plexiglass with privacy film applied to keep the wait down and safety up.

With the holiday weekend coming up I think I'll have a chance to work on the irrigation, grading, and low-voltage wiring.

It looks great! I've been following & getting antsy to get all of this done at our house (which looks like a war zone now).

You've been like a machine since spring hit. It's looking great. Keep it up and keep us posted.


I just found your blog, and I have to compliment you on the wonderful job you've done bringing your house back from the "used" market.
It looks new!
I'm a huge Cliff May fan, but I'll probably never be able to afford one, even a 'fixer' like you bought.
Well Done!
I think your new fence looks fantastic Stephen. Can't wait to see pics with the horsetail planted.
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