Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Odds and Ends

So I was recently able to get a bunch of things done. Mainly a lot of small projects that make big messes. I'm by no means a perfect neatnik, but the thought of getting dust everywhere just to fill in a couple of holes on the sealing is a bit frustrating. I also finally took down a terrible fluorescent light over the sink that I never used. I found this:

Two coats of primer + 3 coats of white paint and you can still see the faintest outline of it. BTW, I know how horrible the cabinet doors are; I look at them every morning during breakfast.

New Fence
I also started the first work on the new fence. And, I even got to use a fun new tool, the plum-bob:
I'm finding more and more often it's important to set things up on the ground. Tools like Google SketchUp are great for exploring ideas but the tweaking is still best done with real-world representations. I'm finding many times I'm on the write track, but things need to be adjust a few inches here and there to make them just right.

I was also on the roof and decided to take some cool photos:

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