Friday, May 08, 2009



I've had some plans for a new left fence for a while now. The design choice has been solidified for over a month (without me changing my mind), I've done the engineering work and laid out stakes and strings to visualize. But, up until now, I haven't done any of the hard labor. I've come up with so many excuses: It's too rainy -- Is this really what I want? -- The block wall hasn't gotten done.

In the meantime, the existing fence has gotten worse. I'm lucky in that I'm moving the fence. This means I can construct the new fence while leaving the old one up -- this minimizes that awkward time (especially when you live in a 50% glass house without window coverings) of leaving things insecure and exposed.

Today I got my buddy HeyChris (not his real name) to help me out. I had no idea the wonderful world of tool rental. You fork over a nominal sum, they give you something which greatly reduces manual labor. I have no idea why anyone would dig post holes by hand. For $50 including tax I got a 5.5HP auger and was able to complete 7 24" holes through clay soil in about an hour. How can you beat that?

This Saturday I'm hoping to get the posts in the ground, aligned, and in concrete. On Sunday I'm hoping to start building the actual fence panels. Next weekend I'd like to finish up loose ends, start work on the door, and painting.

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