Sunday, May 31, 2009


Almost there...

As you could gather from the last post, my first attempt at remounting the numbers resulted in a less-than-perfect result. Many times, just spending 10 minutes to think about how to do something before starting can make a big difference in the result. I was sharing this with my neighbor who opined, "that's much easier said than done." I agree, but I thought it might be good to show an example -- so I documented what I did this time around:

STEP 1: Position the numbers exactly how you'd like them (use math) and trace them out.
STEP 2: I added short screws to the back of the numbers and then dipped them in red paint.
STEP 3: By lowering them down precisely I know have a great drilling template.
STEP 4: Do a test fit before you go nailing the plaque.
I was also able to complete a second coat of paint this weekend and get the numbers formally mounted outside. I think it looks. This is about as far as I can go without getting the block wall (separating my yard from the neighboring one on the left) completed. Fortunately, construction on that starts this week and should be done within a week.

This is looking great Stephen. Well done.
This is looking great, Stephen. Nice work.

Where did you source your house numbers?


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