Monday, April 20, 2009


(Sledge) Hammer Time

When everyone thinks of busting out concrete they think of the back-breaking labor involved in swinging a sledgehammer. That's the fun part. The real back-breaking labor is getting the broken concrete from where it was to where it needs to go.

NOT QUITE THE ENDFortunately, whoever poured the concrete was stupid enough to pour it in contact with the house slab but stupid enough not to use concrete-concrete adherent so broke away as a completely separate piece.

One thing I'm finding by ripping out a lot of the concrete and landscape is that it's much easier to design something and envision it when the area is blank versus an existing landscaping. As some of you may remember, the fence to the left of the house in the photo above is being torn away and moved forward (towards the camera) about 2.5 feet. It seems so much easier to play with the dimensions in real life than on paper.

ALSO: Does anyone know where / how to recycle old concrete in Orange County, CA?

Recycling concrete: You can look for someone on craigslist who wants fill, or post free fill yourself...
Or Freecycle (dot org, I think). People seem to love getting stuff for free, even if it means a drive and a lot of heavy lifting!
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