Sunday, March 08, 2009


Paver Party Part Two

It's no secret...this is a lot of work. Someone once told me that all home improvement projects take at least twice as long as you expect and cost at least twice as much. I don't have a lot of experience digging holes and I think that's the reason why it looks like it will cost 1.5 times as much but 3 times as long as I expected. I'm just plugging away (and will be at least one day next weekend) and I thought today that I would document the hole digging process:

Step 1: Establish the perimeterStep 2: Dig out the center
Step 3: Do basic leveling and clean up the sides and tamp
Step 4: Add layer of paver base and tamp
Step 5: Place paver in hole and repeat 19 more times

Also, I thought I'd take a shot of how things are right now:
I still need to finish digging (3 more to go!) After that, I will go back and precisely position and level the pavers with paving sand. Then I'll just need to add some soil around the edges and wait for the grass to grow back in a bit.

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