Monday, January 07, 2008


It's finished! (almost)

Okay, not the house. But the office...almost.

Loving architecture and maintaining a home office is a bit of the perfect storm. First off, if you love architecture it usually means you're one of those people who is affected by space. And if you maintain a home office, the quality of your space is directly related to productivity and earnings.

Now, you might remember that one of the first bigger things I tackled when bought my house (over two years ago) was remodeling the office. I picked a paint color and went to town. Coming back to this room I've realized how much better I've gotten and how much higher the quality of the work is.

Well, I just get with the pictures:

It looks great!! Congratulations!
It looks fantastic! Will it stay that clean?
This is so restful and beautiful! I love the light blue walls and how the black and white photos and black chairs just pop against that background. What a wonderful job!
Beautiful room!

Anyone know where I can get replacement togs that go into those window locking mechanisms? All of ours were lost...
This room looks great. That color is also in my projected palette. What do you call it?
Hi, I recently came across your blog and have enjoyed looking at your progress photos & restovation procedures. I live in Denver where there are several mcm neighborhoods. There is one in particular called Harvey Park, where Cliff May built some 100+ homes. Unfortunately, most of the homeowners don't have a clue as to what they have. There really isn't a website for the neighborhood but you could check them out on google street view...go south on S. Lowell Blvd. & Yale, Denver 80219. There's one on the market right now for $113K that I would love to fix up (correctly) and sell to a discerning buyer. We'll see. Anyway, thanks!
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