Sunday, September 16, 2007


Two Scoops!

Two big things....

Update on Bedroom Rehab
My brother is going to Europe for two weeks so I've held off on finishing his room until then. But, this weekend I couldn't stand it and I at least painted the horizontal barge beam:

You can't really tell, but the walls are unfinished and a very light green color; it's called "celery ice." I've also still got to paint the ridge beam. I also installed some uplighting in the soffit. I promise actually setup pics when it's done.

Interactive Cliff May Map
Many of you know that I have a website, Over the weekend I decided to learn how to use the Google Maps API and create an interactive map that shows all of the registered houses on it along with the information we have on file.

Cool! I'll try to forward Cliff May homes in the South Bay/West LA area.
You forgot my house! My house and the four houses to the south of it in Prairie Village, KS.
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