Monday, September 10, 2007


Room by Room

It's not just the name of an awful HGTV show....

So in one of life's little ironies, my brother, who everyone thinks is exactly opposite of me, has decided to move in. Two Meade brothers living under the same roof; that hasn't happened since 2001. Oh boy.

One positive ramification is the necessity to finally remodel the extra bedroom in my house. A benefit of owning a Cliff May house (and for that matter, just about any architectural home) is that almost every room has its own identity and feel. This is in contrast to just about every tract home, where the secondary bedrooms tend to feel like just another box with a window. Here are a couple of before shots:I give the previous owners an "A" for originality on the color -- and it is a cool color. Unfortunately, it's very hard to relax in a room painted like that. It's not just green, it's GREEN!!!!!! so it's getting changed. To something a little more subtle and peaceful, but still green. Also, the quality of the painting left a lot to be desired.

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