Monday, March 19, 2007


Whoa Nelly!

It's been a long time...
Excuses, excuses, excuses...but mine are good! I've been busy with work, family functions, etc. Okay, but I'm ready for this upcoming weekend...a whole weekend devoted to working on the house. But I don't know what to work on. So I've got a few ideas and I need your help. Send in your comments!

Living Room Lighting
Some of you know I've been talk a lot about track lighting in my living room to eliminate the "cave effect" I get at night. Here's the tentative plan:

I've decided on using a low-voltage track system. I think it's important to keep the track and the lighting heads as small as possible. To further the sleek lines, I've decided to use a remote transformer in the ceiling, eliminating the unsightly transformer box at the end of the track. I don't have the track or the heads, but I do have the remote transformer and could really use the drywall experience.

Building Cabinetry

For a while now I've wanted to try building some basic cabinetry. I want to put built-ins into the closet area above and build a custom platform bed with storage underneath....eventually. But right now I think I might be able to start with a simple project like these:
The green area is a small shelf over the fireplace and the pink will be a new TV "peninsula." I want to integrate sliding doors into the design, too. I'm thinking of making everything out of birch plywood. I like the stuff that has the mix of the light and dark grain.

Finish Ceiling Scraping
I've only done half the living room. It's a bear of a job. The scraping is actually the fun part. It's sponging off the residue, priming, and painting (2-3 coats for decorator white)...that part's not so fun. I also put in the detail work on the edges to clean them up with sanding, mudding, and more sanding.

So let me know...what should I spend the weekend on?

Finish the ceiling. It is the worst job so do that first
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