Sunday, February 18, 2007


Is It Worth It?

IT IS! I won't beat around the bush, this was not a fun job. People often talk about "scraping the ceilings" as being the tough job; the one that nobody wants. Actually, the scraping is the fun part. To those who have never scraped, that might make it sound as if it's not that bad. To those who have scraped, it's just a sad realization that the scraping is as good as it gets and it only descends from there. Before I get to some pics, let me just outline "the procedure."

The Procedure:
  1. Scrape the ceilings
  2. Sand the edges where the drywall meets walls and beams
  3. Reform the seem with patch putty between the ceiling and walls n' beams
  4. Find and fix blatant imperfections (gouges, nail holes, etc)
  5. Sand the patch putty for a smooth seam
  6. Rinse the residue from the ceiling with a sponge (takes forever)
  7. Prime the entire ceiling
  8. Paint the entire ceiling (twice)
  9. Look at the imperfections you missed and need to go back in fix
But with all that said, it's worth it. Here's how it looks now:

I stripped and repainted the vent, too. I just haven't put it back in yet. Here's another shot where you can see the popcorn, scraped, and scraped and painted portions:

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Bruno Bornsztein
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