Sunday, November 12, 2006


I finally have a place to go...

I've been very busy with work lately but I have had some time to button up the big stuff on the bathroom and now it's just down to "punchlist" details. I was looking at the finished product and noticed something very interesting: I'm doing a much better job on this one than the guest bathroom. I don't know if that's just because it's my personal bathroom and not the guest one. However, I will say this, if you're a n00b DIYer, work on the rooms you care about the least or plan to re-remodel first as a lot of this stuff will be a learning experience and the second you're done you'll have thought of a myriad of ways you could have done it better.

Main Pic
I feel like there should be some shelves, pictures, or something above the toilet but quite frankly, I really like the cleanliness of there being nothing. The paint color is warm grey (Dolphin Fin); I'm using Behr paints' new(ish) flat enamel product. It's the same color I used in the other bathroom and I like it there but I really like it in here. And no, there's no dirt on the camera lens, one of my screw anchor hole patches didn't take entirely.

Cabinet Knobs
I believe these may be the original knobs. Anyhow, I'm surprised (shocked, actually) that the chrome plating is still in such good shape since it's been in a bathroom with lots of moisture. Of the three, only one had signifcant pitting and the other two (pictured) cleaned up quite nicely.

Door Jamb
One thing very unique about Cliff May houses are the door jambs. Most houses have big door jambs and casings that go on the outside of the wall. In most Cliff Mays the jambs are set into the wall. The effect is much sleeker, but a pain to paint since the paint line is very exposed and has to be pretty close to perfect.

Hi, Steven.
My local hardware store has these chrome knobs from new stock in a couple of sizes. Let me know if you need new ones and I'll be able to send them to you.
To contact me, send me a message through my lottaliving address.
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