Saturday, July 29, 2006


Quick Update

Sometimes it's fun to look at the things that previous owners did -- little modifications to suit the idiosynrasies of their lifestyles. Then there are things which prompt a quizzical stare, throwing one's arms in the air, and yelling to no one in particular, "Why? Why? Why?"

Actually, I'm being a bit melodramatic. But why they put the holders for the pool nets, vacuum, etc in plain view when just around the corner there's a perfectly secluded location for them? That, and they also had these awful painted-over towel bars.



Functionally speaking, I didn't have a problem with the towel bars. Next to the pool (especially by the steps) is a great place to hang towels, robes, etc. But these things were actually painted over towel bars with an inch of dirt. I'm looking for some cool hooks to hold towels / robes. Something in satin steel or aluminum. Any ideas?

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Hey Stephen.... What's up with no updates since August??? C'mon... You're almost up to a year in October... =D

Chris N Janet.
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