Monday, July 03, 2006


Getting ready for my interview...

At least that's what it feels like. I'm thinking of refinancing my house. It's odd, my company does this among other things so I know the drill on appraisals and yet I'm actually getting a bit emotional. It's like having a stranger (even though the appraiser is someone I know) come in and evaluate my worth. Oh well...big numbers, big numbers!

With the arrival of Sharon to tell me how much I, er -- the house, is worth, I've been going on an unfinished project bender. I don't usually hangout where my garage is (back corner of the property) but I was out there the other day and noticed that my garage doors have tons of unpainted wood trim (yikes!). Not only that, the fascia board (and some of the siding) was peeling. In short, pretty much anyone driving down Red Hill Avenue could see the eyesore.



I've still got to finish the doors themselves (body color tan so they'll blend in), paint the beam ends, and decide about the light.

I actually like the light. It's a mercury vapor lamp and I've actually always wanted one since seeing them on farm in Minnesota as a little kid. Unfortunately, stick it on the beam ends tends to ruin the look. Any ideas on where else I can mount it?

mount it in the trash where it belongs. It is an abomination, unless of course you're still on the farm in Minnesota.
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