Monday, February 27, 2006


Ty Pennington, I am not

For some reason (certainly not logic) I think everyone embarks on home renovation with images (delusions?) of 7-day magical makeovers where the only real work you do is walking around the job site with a loud bullhorn.

It isn't like that, and on most days, it's not even doing one little dramatic thing. Instead, most days are like today. I don't have a great before and after shot, but I got a lot of little details taken care of:

FIREWOOD (for the next 3 winters)

Actually, the guys who worked on the tree are coming to pick it up tomorrow.


So I finally took down the unused DirecTV dish which has been on my roof since I moved (no DirecTV for me....I'm Comcastic!) Also, what took a lot of time and can't be shown in photo form is the removal of all the DirecTV wiring. Unlike someone with half a brain, the POs thought it would be great to run the wiring in plain view right under the eaves. It always bothered me but didn't that noticeable until the tree was removed. Now you can see it from the curb, so out it went. Along with all the little wire hooks, nails, and staples.


These blew off about a month ago and I just today rediscovered the joys of traipsing around the roof. Seriously folks, cheap thrill. Try and and see. Anywho...I spraypainted these with some Rustoleum silver metallic. Didn't do much good; I need a new chimney cap, preferably in stainless. Also, looks like it just might be time to paint the chimney.


With the tree gone I feel like I've got a blank canvas to work with. Those of you with superhuman observation will notice the ugly weirdo gazebo thing is gone. Anyone want it? It's FREE! (<-- said just like Larry from Sit-n-Sleep). I've got to do something about lack of dimension. I've got some ideas. Midweek I think I'll post up some sketches.

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