Sunday, December 11, 2005


Roses Have Thorns and Not Much Else

I like to think of myself as someone who very rarely hates anyone or anything. Sure, there are things that I despite, things that annoy me, even things that infuriate me, but rarely does something or someone ever induce hatred.

I hate roses.

These little surly and tyrannical rulers of the flower world have had it in for me from day one. I can show you scars on both arms from my forays into pruning these beasts. I'll get right to it:


Yup...those guys are mean and old.

Time for a funny story. So I'm out in front of my house working (very normal for me on the weekend). I'm taking my shovel, digging these beasts out, and tossing them over the fence in to my ever growing "when-I-finally-get-a-dumpster" pile. All of the sudden, I hear the loud sound of someone slamming on his or her brakes. You know this sound, it's the one that usually precedes a loud CRASH. Anyhow, I turn around to see two women running (yes, running) from their vehicle towards me. Nearly hyper-ventilating, they ask me if they can have my clippings. I guess for every person that absolutely hates roses, there must be someone who loves them. Anyhow checkout how much better my house looks without them.


Of course, now the question is what do I want to put there. Look forward in coming months to a new front landscaping plan. There's actually a gate in the middle of that fence. Functionally, I don't know how useful it is, but visually I think that long expanse need to be broken up.

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